Important Info!


Our dear dance and tumbling family:

We are excited to be re-opening our facility based on the guidelines provided to us by Riverton City and SLCO Health. 


How we are following SLCO Health rules to keep everyone safe:

  • LiveWire Employees will be required to complete a health screening including temperature checks before each work day.
  • LiveWire Employees will be required to wear a mask during their work shift.
  • LiveWire employees will sanitize their hands between each class.
  • The LiveWire studio will be fully cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day. Common areas such as the bathroom will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day. The water fountain will be out-of-operation for student use.
  • Social distancing will be enforced. Students are allowed to wear a mask during class if they so choose.
  • Student’s hands will be sanitized as they enter the studio and as they leave and in between classes if taking multiple classes.
  • Students on competitive dance teams that will be in near proximity to each other will be symptom checked including temperate checks on their arms before starting their class.
  • We ask that students not feeling well or exhibiting any symptoms stay home and do not return until symptom free- we will offer make up classes to any students staying home while sick
  • Please note: students with any symptoms including a cough or runny nose before/during class will have a parent called to come pick them up.

What you need to bring to class:

  • Face mask: can be cloth and homemade, must cover both your nose and your mouth. Per SLCO health, mask can be taken off during workout if it is inhibiting breathing. Students need to wear their face mask while entering/exiting the studio.
  • A water bottle: the water fountain will be off-limits to students during this time. Please send a water bottle full of WATER ONLY with your child. As always, other liquids (including Gatorade, zero sugar drinks and powdered mixes) will not be allowed in the studio. They will be allowed to refill their water bottle in the drinking fountain.
  • An inhaler: if your child has asthma or other ailments that require an inhaler, please always have your child bring it to class.

What will change:

  • Parent’s Watch Week will be cancelled until further notice. It is unfortunately impossible to accommodate with the current recommendations.
  • Student’s must have a mask on while entering/exiting the studio. We will make an exception for Tots ages 2-4 if they refuse to wear a mask while coming in.
  • Class will be released at 5mins before the normal end of class to allow us to sanitize between classes
  • PLEASE be ready to pick your child up 5 mins before the end of class so they can be released to you. While you are waiting for your child, you must remain outside and must practice safe, social distancing from other parents/families. Only one parent/person should be waiting for the student if standing outside, and anyone outside of their car should wear a mask.
  • In-between classes we will close the door, please do not come in the door during this time as this is our time to sanitize in between classes. The coach will prop the door open for students to come in at the beginning of class. If you show up to class late, it is okay to open the door and come in, the coach will make sure to sanitize your hands after entering.
  • Please do not crowd around the other businesses next to us who are open during this time.
  • Tumbling classes will now begin going through rotations again instead of staying within their boxes as has been the custom since we re-opened.
    • Enough stations will be created so that only one child will be on each station at a time.
  • Coaches will begin hands-on spotting with all students again. Coaches will wear face masks the entire time and they will sanitize their hands before, during and in-between classes.
    • If you would prefer your child to not be spotted, please just let the office know by texting us and notifying us and we will make sure that your child will receive verbal instruction only.
  • Tots tumbling classes will not do rotations. In order to maintain organization and social distancing in their class they will remain in their individual squares. However, coaches will come around to each student’s square and spot them on tricks just as the older classes receive. If you would prefer your child to not be spotted, please just let the office know by texting us and notifying us and we will make sure that your child will receive verbal instruction only. 


We are also very excited to announce our partnership with CLI Studios to bring our dance students some of the best instruction around. More info can be found here: CLI Studio Partnership Click Here.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and developing recommendations of the local and national governments and base our decisions accordingly. Thank you for being a part of our dance & tumbling family and for your continued support during this time. Together we can keep each other healthy and safe!

You can pay online at  or drop a check in our locking mailbox out front, please put your child's first and last name on the check. 
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