Important Info!

Jen is our owner and head coach.  Jen has been certified by USA Gymnastics, has taught all-around gymnastics and tumbling and has extensive knowledge in cheerleading. She wants to be able to provide kids with a way to have fun and learn to tumble and dance, but also to learn proper technique to avoid injury both short-term and long-term. She majored in child development at the U (Go Utes!), loves working with kids and is an adrenaline junkie. Her favorite dance styles are Latin ballroom and hip hop, but she loves to choreograph all styles of dance. Her choreography has won numerous awards and competitions and conventions and she has created National Champions out of her students. Jen took two of her students under her wing, and in two short years made them the 2018 National Amateur Dancesport Champions in Junior I & II Rhythm.

 Jen is available for Master Classes or to choreograph group routines, solos/duos/trios, wedding dances, or as a judge. She is willing to travel to meet new students and studios and looks forward to traveling each year to place choreo on her favorite studios. Her energy is contagious and she will leave you exhausted yet wanting more!

All About Us

Jared has danced for 8 years and specializes in teaching Hip Hop. Jared attended Southern Utah University on a dance scholarship. He is trained in hip hop, modern dance, ballet, contemporary, and jazz. Jared has a passion for sharing his love of dance with his students and is always pushing himself to become a better dancer. 

Heather is our office manager and the mother to 4 of our amazing students.

You will see her working away in the back, so when you do make sure to tell her hello so she can get to know you!

Lacie danced competitively since she was 12 years old at X-Cite dance studio and The Dance Project. She's had the opportunity to work with some amazing choreographers such as Bonny Story, Tabitha and Napoleon, and Marc Cameron. She has been trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, modern, lyrical, and Broadway. She's attended many dance conventions and competitions such as Will Dance for Kids, Energy, and Jump. She's had opportunities to take dance classes in New York and California from amazing choreographers. Dance has had the biggest impact on her and she hopes to share her love for it with all the amazing dancers she teaches!


Katelyn has been going to the studio as a student for almost 3 years now and is coming up on her first full year as a coach. Woot woot! She is currently a Junior at Bingham High School and looking at attending BYU. Some of her favorite things to do besides tumbling are traveling to different countries, skiing, playing piano, and hanging out with her family. She loves working with kids and getting to know each of their unique personalities!

Marina is our resident ballroom coach. Marina is an award winning dancer and coach who has performed and competed ballroom locally and internationally for over 16 years. She was the head coach of the University of Utah ballroom team for 10 years. Marina co-coaches our student ballroom class and is also involved with teaching our ballroom socials and classes.

She is the QUEEN of technique and can take any dancer to the next level. We are SO excited to have her on the LiveWire Team.

Marina is a certified Yoga teacher and is available for schools/corporate/private events to create a personalized Yoga session just for you! 

Marina is also available for private/semi private ballroom lessons.

Kylee graduated Summa Cum Laude with Distinction in May 2017 from
Ohio State University where she earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance with a minor
in Creative Writing. Over the course of her time at Ohio State, she developed a passion
for using dance as a method of invoking social commentary and change. She intends to
pursue this through academic research, performance, and choreography, and writing. Her
ultimate goal in dance has become to create her own collaborative dance company as an
avenue for her creative energy. She has a deep interest in researching Black dancing
bodies in American culture and performance which currently fuels her choreographic
pursuits. She has a love for telling stories and often draws from her own lived
experiences as well as her long ancestral history. In both her writing and choreography,
she finds it necessary to push audiences outside of their comfort zones and into ideas that
they may have never before considered. She is the co-founder of a new kind of digital
dance community, Ashé: An Artists Collective as well as the writer behind Literary Black
Girl, a book review blog that centers stories authored by women of color and Black
women in particular.